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École polytechnique Executive Master

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The École polytechnique Executive Master is a degree program that prepares future leaders with the ability to design, deploy and manage both business models and value creators.  It has a strong technological dimension in all sectors, with an international perspective.

The goal of the École Polytechnique Executive Master is to train leaders, from all kinds of sectors and organizations, capable of designing, deploying and managing in an international perspective, with a strong technological dimension.

At the end of the 14 months, participants having successfully achieved and passed all requirements will receive a diploma from the École polytechnique.

  • Dates :September 2017
  • Duration :14 months
  • Location :École polytechnique, Europe, Asia and the USA
  • Language :English and French
  • Diploma :École polytechnique Executive Master


  1. Develop a strategic vision of management & innovation
  2. Develop a true understanding of key scientific areas and their applications: big data, Internet of Things, new materials, new energy, biotech...
  3. Master core managerial skills (finance, strategy, marketing, Human Resources...)
  4. Develop responsible leadership capacity (project management, change management, negociation, communication, crisis management...)


Information sessions: January 27th for those wishing to learn more about the program and exchange with the team. The information sessions are around a breakfast at the “Maison des polytechniciens” (Paris) from 8h30 – 10h30. Sign-up today!

The École polytechnique Executive Master consists of 12 modules of which 9 modules will take place in France and 3 international modules taking place in Asia, Europe and the USA.  Each module takes place from Tuesday to Friday (except for the modules in Asia and the USA which are of 5 days each) and will start the first week of every month.*



Courses are in both English and French. Participants must be able to read and speak in both languages. For all written works participants can decide to do them in French or English.



The international components of the École polytechnique Executive Master are a strong point of this program.  They allow participants to expand their understanding of management in an international and technological business setting while in different economic and cultural environments.

*The calendar is subject to change.

  1. Titre: 
    Message from the Directors

    “This executive program has been designed to allow participants to advance in their careers without compromising their professional obligations. Through rich and varied modules, both in France and internationally, it offers a unique opportunity to develop managerial skills in a context where science plays a major role.

    Our goal is to provide leaders with the key managerial skills to successfully influence, lead change and stay ahead of the curve on a global scale. With the scientific expertise of the École polytechnique laboratories and its partners, this program allows you not only to better understand the key trends and research issues, but also to apply this knowledge through a Group Project.”

    Nicolas Mottis
    Professor at École polytechnique
    Academic Director for the Executive Master

    Opal Fritz-Nicholls
    Executive Education
    Program Director for the Executive Master

  2. Titre: 
    Unique degree

    This Executive Master offers participants:

    • Classes with solid concepts, case studies and testimonies
    • Conferences and debates with guest speakers
    • Site visits (laboratories of the École polytechnique, other schools, incubators...)
    • Personal and professional development
    • International modules
    • A “Group Project” with a high level of innovation and/or entrepreneurship
    • A “Class Project” oriented to the development of the program
  3. Titre: 
    Desired profiles

    École polytechnique Executive Master participants have on average 10 years of professional work experience and are currently in an upper management position. They have already obtained a Master’s Degree and are capable of working in an international environment. They should also have a strong interest for new technologies.

    Participants may come from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds.

    A few typical profiles:

    • Engineers or scientists having started in R&D or production, have gradually driven teams and who have accessed or will have access to a significant position of management
    • Engineers working for the Government and who will soon move to a leadership position
    • Management position of a SME in technology
    • Others: public or private researchers, venture capitalists, journalists, doctors, military officers...
  4. Titre: 
    Application requirements

    Candidates interested in the Ecole Polytechnique Executive Master are encouraged to complete the application form. You will be required to provide the following:

    • Copy of your ID card or passport
    • Copy of all diplomas obtained
    • Copy of any professional certifications achieved
    • A recent professional headshot
    • English language test (TOEIC / TOEFL / IELTS) for non-native speakers or those not having a degree from an English speaking school
    • 3 letters of recommendation
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Organizational Chart (positionning the candidate)
    • Letter of Company Support
    • A non-refundable application fee of €200 (VAT included)
  5. Titre: 
    Admission process

    The admission process is splitted into 4 steps:

    • Step 1: interview (optional), for those wishing to discuss their profile before applying. This step does not guarantee admission to the program.
    • Step 2: application
    • Step 3: pre-selection and selection committee
    • Step 4: admission jury
  6. Titre: 
    Financial aspects

    Tuition fees: €49 000 (VAT not included).

    Tuition includes all course materials, lunches, conferences and any organized social events or dinners. Housing and organized meals or events for the three international modules are also included. All transportation, free evening activities and lodging for the French based modules are at the expense of the candidate.

    For those admitted into the program, a non-refundable deposit of €2 000 (VAT not included) will be required in order to secure your place.  This amount is deducted from your tuition fees.  Tuition is payable in two installments on acceptance into the program.



    An Early Bird Discount of 8% (on the tuition before VAT) is applied to candidates having sent their candidature to the program before December 31st, 2016. These participants must pass the Selection Committee and Admission Jury before the end of January 2017.

    For companies covering tuition costs for their employees, a quantity discount may apply. This discount applies only to companies covering the full program tuition.  Please contact us for further information.



    The École polytechnique Executive Education has a negotiated bank loan with CIC. Please contact us for further information.


    Tax Reduction

    A tax reduction may apply. Please check with your local tax office.



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