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Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy program

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One of the current challenges in the current context of the global energy market is the growth and integration of renewable energy sources into the mix of energy solutions.
The renewable energy sector is thus experiencing unprecedented growth, creating a substantial need for new skills in the workforce.
This certificate program from Ecole Polytechnique and InnoEnergy, with the collaboration of HEC Paris, focuses on developing a double skill set in its participants, Engineering and Entrepreneurship.

  • Dates :Starting in September 2019
  • Duration :10 days of in-person lesson – 10 weeks of distance learning courses (SPOCs) – 8 weeks of group project work
  • Audience :a researcher, an engineer, an employee of a public institution, a lawyer, a founder of startups
  • Location :École Polytechnique Executive Education, Palaiseau (91)
  • Language :English or French
  • Diploma :Executive Certificate « Entrepreneuriat dans les énergies renouvelables » (CNCP 2400)
  • Code :ENR


  1. State of the art knowledge in renewable energy technologies
  2. A set of skills and instruments to manage innovation and entrepreneurship in this energy sector
  3. A strong working knowledge of project management through a collective project
  4. Understand the global and regional macro-economic balance in energy markets, in order to be able to strategize in a public or corporate role
  5. Adopt best practices regarding innovation and entrepreneurship and know how to apply them to the development of a new project in this cutting-edge field
  6. Master the contractual aspects and risk analysis concerning the development of a project in this domain and more generally, the challenges of infrastructure project management


A program relying on the complementarity of two leading academic institutions (Ecole polytechnique and HEC Paris) to propose a dual focus on technology and business.
The courses are followed by professional project and oral defense.

Technological approach:

• Renewable energy and its related state-of-the-art technologies
• The challenges of distribution and of electricity network

Rules and best practices of Entrepreneurship:

• The global and regional energy balance in which renewable energies play a role
• Value chains in the energy insdustry
• Contractual aspects and market regulation
• Innovation management

  1. Titre: 
    Pedagogical approach

    - SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses)
    - Experimental teaching in top level Ecole polytechnique research laboratories
    - In-person courses

    Technological aspects

    SPOCs on the different Renewable Energy Technologies:

    • Photovoltaic solar energy
    • Wind resources
    • Biomass and Bioenergy 
    • Chemical storage

    Three experimental teachings to be chosen amongst the following:

    • Photovoltaic module performance characterisation under outdoor conditions
    • Wind turbine performance and wind characterisation under outdoor conditions
    • Nanogrid performance experimentation
    • Advanced Smart Grids
    • Hybrid Perovskite solar cell technology
    • Silicon solar cell technology

    In-person course:

    • Smart Grids                                

    Business aspects

    SPOCs on the different business aspects:

    • Financial Valuation
    • Project Finance
    • Project Management

    In-person courses:

    • Global and regional energy models
    • Project contracts and risks
    • Electricity markets and regulations
    • Financial modeling of project
    • Corporate and project rating
    • Technology strategy and innovation management
    • Developpement of a renewable energy project – case study


  1. Academic director
    Ecole polytechnique - Professor - Department of Physics
  1. Speaker(s)
    Jean Michel
    Executive Director, Energy & Finance Chair, HEC Paris

    Chief Economist Officer, Energy & Resources, Deloitte (until now)


  2. Speaker(s)
    Corporation Advisor and Start up mentor

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