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Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy program

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One of the main challenges in the current context of the global energy market is the growth and integration of renewable energies sources into the mix of energy solutions. The renewable energies sector is thus experiencing unprecedented growth, creating a substantial need for new skills in the workforce. This certificate program from the École Polytechnique ExecutiveEducation with the collaboration of HEC Paris focuses on developing a two-fold expertise: Engineering and Entrepreneurship.


  • Dates :September 13th 2021 until March 31st 2022
  • Duration :12 days of in-person courses - 10 weeks of e-learning courses (SPOCs) - 10 weeks of business case
  • Audience :Engineers in energy companies facing a change of job activity / Researchers aiming at developing a start-up in renewables / Technical staff of public institutions or lawyers in charge of new projects in renewables
  • Location :École Polytechnique Executive Education, Palaiseau campus
  • Language :English & French - Courses are in English and/or in French.Training documents and SPOCs are in English
  • Diploma :Executive Certificate « Entrepreneuriat dans les énergies renouvelables » - RS 2400
  • Code :ENR


  1. Understand the global and regional macro-economic balance in ernergy markets, in order to be able to strategize as a public or corporate stakeholder
  2. State of the art knowledge in renewable energy technologies
  3. Adopt best practices regarding innovation and entrepreneurship
  4. Master the contractual aspects and risk analysis regarding the development of a project in renewable energy, and all aspects of infrastructure project management



  • Visit of the Drahi X Novation Center, 5,000 msq² dedicated to boosting entrepreneurship & innovation on the campus. Meetup with the implemented start-up members and founders. an opportunity to discuss and provide interdisciplinary point of views.
  • Experimental teachings are all accomplished within the École Polytechnique research laboratories. Participants thus benefit from the resarch ecosystem of the École Polytechnique.
  • Visit of The Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France (IPVF), an institute dedicated to the energy transition. A special oral statement from its scientific directors.

In-person courses which address both technological and business aspects:

A mix between lectures & experimental teachings covering both technological and business aspects during 12 days


  • Smart grids
  • Climate change & CO2


  • The renewable energies: revolutions, opportunities, challenges & perspectives
  • Global and regional energy models
  • Electricity market and regulations
  • Technologies strategies and innovation management
  • Development of a renewable energy project: case study
  • Project contracts and risks
  • Corporate & project rating
  • Financial modeling of a project

SPOCS & Virtual classes which cover both technological and business aspects during 10 days:


  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Wind & hydro resources for renewable energy
  • Biomass and bioenergy
  • Energy storage
  • Outsmarting intermittency


  • Financial valuation
  • Project finance
  • Project management

Four experimental teachings to select among this list:

  • Photovoltaic module performance characterisation under outdoor conditions
  • Wind power assessment lab session
  • Nanogrid performance experimentation
  • Advanced Smart Grids
  • Hybrid Perovskite solar cell technology
  • Silicon solar cell technology
  • Test of a hight temperature hydrogen fuel sell under variable working conditions


Then follow the achievement of a business case and an Oral defense.

>> You will be then part of the École Polytechnique Executive Education Alumnis Community & Networks

  1. Titre: 


    - Aurélien MAURICE -
    Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Certificate - 2017

    "I am in charge of risk management for the Hydro Business, based at the General Electric Renewable Energy HQ in Paris. My focus is the assessment and active management of the risks and opportunities of the global portfolio of hydro electrical projects. I provide as well ad hoc operational support to negotiations for some critical projects.
    I have worked in 6 different countries over the last 15 years. When I came back to Paris late 2016, I felt the need to update my theoretical knowledge about my sector of activity (renewable energy), as well as to reconnect with the French ecosystem. Last but not least, I wanted to test some entrepreneurial ideas of my own, for which the group project was a perfect ground.
    The Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Program was a great fit : it mixes the technological and economical/business approaches, through Presential Courses at the Polytechnique Campus in Massy-Palaiseau, and various Small Private Online Courses. The experimental dimension is also part of the training : the photovoltaic installation on-site testing was one of the highlights of the Program.
    In the end, it is a high-quality, well-rounded multi-dimensional program, through which you get access to a solid pool of experienced professional. I strongly recommend it !"



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    PTA eligible training (Personal Training Account).

    To find out how this training can be paid for, we invite you to visit the «Mon compte formation».

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    Join our Webinar

    If you would like to know more about the program or have any questions, do not hesitate to participate in the webinar,

    moderated by Bernard DREVILLON, Academic director and Professor at École Polytechnique,

    on Thursday, July 8th, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.



  1. Academic director
    Academic director - École Polytechnique professor
  1. Speaker(s)
    Jean Michel
    Executive director Energy & Finance Chair, HEC Paris - École Polytechnique associate professor

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